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Photographic safaris with experts
Kenya offers the best opportunities for your photographic needs. If you are a nature lover, a people person or have a passion for sceneries, then look no further than a safari in Kenya. The suddenness of dawn in Kenya brings a quickening of the pulse. Now the lambent dawn floods the plains and the light flushes the shadows of night from the thickets, along hidden rills, and chases them across the tawny grasslands as the sun climbs, agile, over the curve of the equator.

The pink sky begins to dissolve into a flawless blue and faint breath of the day’s first thermal stirs the still, chill air. Your photographic safari in Kenya is an experience never to be forgotten.

Soin Africa Safaris ensure that your Kenyan photographic safari goes beyond your expectation. Our guides are trained with photographic skills so as to understand our guests’ needs. Some of our guides are photographers themselves, and therefore understand a photographer’s requirements. These advantages combined with plenty of photographic opportunities will create a lifetime experience with Soin Africa Safaris and add up to make your safari experience with Soin Africa Safaris a lifetime experience.

We ensure that your country of destination meets your expectations, and on top of that we combine luxury and adventure. By traveling with us, you have made the right decision because we know Kenya better.

We recommend a good camera that will enable you take good size photos of spectacular wildlife to show family and friends. The more common “point-and-shoot” cameras are too small. On safari, you won’t always be able to get up close to wildlife. A SLR (single lens reflex) camera with a 200-300mm lens is recommended. More serious photographers may choose telephoto lenses of 400 or 500mm. larger lenses often require a tripod, which cannot be used on a moving vehicle. A 1.4x or 2x tele-converters are useful for doubling the focal length of your lens. A zoom lens, such as a 70 to 210 mm lens, is probably the best option for shooting a moving subject.

The harsh African sun provides excellent lighting, but using larger lenses will require faster film, especially in early morning or late afternoon when the light is softer. In this case, 200-400 ASA film is recommended.

Safari Vehicles
We use only custom built 4×4 safari vehicles on safari for your convenience. On top of this, we guarantee all our guests a window seat to ensure you enjoy the best view. We provide photographic equipment support for photographers i.e. bean bags and camera mounts. We can also hire lenses for our guests if they don’t want carry their own from home.

Our guides
We at Soin Africa Safaris understand that the vital link between a guest and the game experience is a good guide. The guide makes all the difference, either make or break a safari, therefore, we cannot gamble on this. Soin Africa Safaris guides are all accredited members of KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association) at silver and gold levels. These are highly qualified guides who will provide you with best experience in the field. We also invest in the knowledge of our guides by taking them on training courses i.e. Fundamentals of ornithology course run by nature Kenya among other courses.
Photographic Safaris:  

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